Scientific interests of the Laboratory are associated with the formulation and the development of the computational experiments in the fields of action on matter and material processing by the concentrated energy beams and development work related to the physical and mathematical models, numerical methods and algorithms.

Head of Laboratory - Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences V.I. Mazhukin.

Over the past few years we constructed physical and mathematical models of non-equilibrium ultrashort superpower laser irradiation on metals and semiconductors. The temperature dependences of the optical and emission properties of metals have been determined on the basis of the solution of the quantum kinetic equation. The method of Dynamic Adaptation in the field of gas and radiation gas dynamics is being further developed.

We hold an annual International Interdisciplinary Seminar "Mathematical Models and Modeling in Laser-Plasma Processes and Advanced Science Technologies".

We collaborate with a variety of leading organizations.

The scientific work is carried out with many years of support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and Russian Science Foundation.